#TakeAKnee: Who’s the Son of a B*tch?

September 25th 2017


On September 23rd, I am sorry to report, the Deplorable-in-Chief  —in order to rile up his base, detract from other failings and distract from ignoble intentions—  called players who kneel during the National Anthem names and said they should be fired.

Literally he uses NSFW language that one can neither repeat around children nor be reported on the news.

cnn son of a bithes


Players like this principled, intelligent, philanthropic American hero:



Click here for my post from six months ago about this Modern Day Hero.

He was obviously raised by a great Momma, ‘cuz here’s what she had to say about it:

proud bitch

In fact here she is, with her amazing son, bless them.  (And PROTECT them!):


SHE makes me proud to be a MOM, and HE makes me proud (or at least less-ashamed) to be American.


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