UkeOke: Village Ghetto Land

September 25th 2017

My newest favorite song that’s not new at all (came out when I was five but I never knew):


40 years and Stevie Wonder is still The Man, and still having to protest the same old shit in this country:

Stevie Wonder takes a knee during Global Village concert this weekend:




Written by Stevie Wonder and Byrd

From ‘Songs In The Key Of Life’ (Motown, 1976)

Am7 D7 G Am7 D7 G D7 G

Am7       D7      G  

Would you like to go with me

Am7     D7       G

Down my dead end street?


Would you like to come with me

   G7             C     G7  C  

To Village Ghetto Land?

Am7     D      G

See the people lock their doors

      Am7     D7        G

While robbers laugh and steal

F                                   A7           C    G7   C

Beggars watch and eat their meals - from garbage cans

Am7 D7 G D7 G

Am7 D7 G D G F

G7 C G7 C

Am7    D7       G

Broken glass is everywhere

Am7    D7     G  

It's a bloody scene


Killing plagues the citizens

G7                C    G7  C

Unless they own police

Am7      D         G

Children play with rusted cars

Am7      D7        G

Scores cover their hands

F                             G7             C     G7

Politicians laugh and drink - drunk to all demands

Am7 D7 G D7 G

Am7 D7 G D G F

G7 C G7 C

Am7      D7              G

Families buying dog food now

    Am7    D7        G

Starvation roams the streets


Babies die before they're born

  G7            C      G7 C

Infected by the grief

Am7            D        G

Now some folks say that we should be

Am7      D7      G

Glad for what we have

F                                C              G7    C

Tell me would you be in happy in Village Ghetto Land

Am7 D7 G D7 G

Am7 D7 G D G 


G7             C     G7   C

Village Ghetto Land

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