Fluff Festival Hairdo Contest

September 23rd 2017


I hadn’t expected to make it to the Fluff Festival between all my other gigs that weekend.  But our good friends Lorin & Olivia came over with itchy feet so we walked the whole mile there to take in sites and activities celebrating All Things Fluff.  Although I’d come with no expectations, when the contest stage veered towards its scintillating conclusion – “The Hairdo Contest” -something came over my son and I.   We raised our hands to compete and before you know it we’re on stage.  The rest is history.

2017-09-23 FLUFF HAIRDO CONTEST [2:49]: 

And no, Fluff has no styling properties whatsoever; it all becomes a big goo pile no matter what you do.  And yes we won!  Tied for first.  Gavin got a book and I was given a $100 gift certificate from a framing store.  Totes sweet.  Just like Fluff.

Proud of your daring spirit and sense of humor, Boy!


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1 Response to Fluff Festival Hairdo Contest

  1. Bubble Wow says:

    Gavin, you look MAHVELOUS!

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