What’s Happening in Myanmar 

Thursday, September 14th 2017

Here -as ever- is the incomparable Trevor Noah’s take on one of the most perplexing of global situations happening (perennially and) now; the Buddhist persecution of Muslims in Myanmar, naturally with the obligate hypocrisy and complicity of its government. 

Violent Buddhists Target Muslims in Myanmar [6:20]:

And here is the rant I originally wrote to preface this piece and which you can ignore if you choose.  It’s called, Western Entitlement, and probably we all have it:

It’s becoming an increasing peeve of mine, the perspective that it’s  perfectly normal to expect a life of safety & comfort.  As if achieving that is nothing less than extraordinary.  As if such blessings during our brief journey on this planet do not deserve our deepest and humblest gratitude, every day.  As if the suffering in others who lack these advantages is not our concern.   As if there is anything  special in any of us -beyond diligent work and extraordinary privilege- that inherently makes us deserve such luck devoid of unthinkable hardships. 

Then again, getting my daughter to the bus on time this morning, in shoes, also seemed an unthinkable hardship. 

I digress.


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