Love Wins

Saturday, August 19th 2017

Proud to be a Bostonian on this day!


2017-08-19 Love Conquers Hate

Thousands of demonstrators peacefully surround two dozen Nazi M*therF#ckers


When these White Supremacist Nazi M*therF#ckers got themselves a “Free Speech” permit to convene on Boston Common, THOUSANDS of peaceful counter-protesters took to the streets in the name of love and equality.

2017-08-19 Smash White Supremacy


2017-08-19 Community is Stronger than Hate

Diversity is Beautiful!


Although we weren’t out in the streets that day, we practiced solidarity from home as my children spent the day playing with their mates, who just so happen to be members of brown immigrant families whom we love.

2017-08-19 12.46.02

2017-08-20 14.56.27

Less Nazi’s, More Tea Please



#AlwaysBe Resisting












And by the way, how in da f#ck did Nazi’s and the KKK leap OUT of the history books and onto the streets of my town?  Never in my lifetime did I expect this to happen, to have to explain it to my children, to have a “president” fomenting them much less to have members of my own family sympathizing with them!!!

many sides

How I wish for Captain America to punch him on Many Sides, Many Sides:

Trump's Captain America

Q: Is it #Antifa if a Superhero does it, or is it justice?


And here is what a leader with ACTUAL humanity, compassion and dignity would say:

2017-08-16 11.04.59.jpg

But F* him, he’s black, right?


I wonder if choosing not to hate is that hard?

Even our animals embrace diversity (and they are c-a-t-s):

2017-08-20 23.20.24

Pussycat Peace Tea –  #Resistance


What does it take to choose love?

We all belong here


What does it take to transcend prejudice??

With Privilege comes Responsibility


How do we transcend the separation of self & others?



Love is the answer right?

How do we spread love?







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