Stinson Beach Fam

Friday, July 14th 2017

After Mt. Tam with my husband, brother and our kids.


2017-07-14 STINSON BEACH FAM [3:28]:



2017-07-14 14.12.56 panorama


When you take a selfie exactly when your nephews are killing each other…

2017-07-14 14.25.18 thumbs up


And your son learns moves to try on you now…

2017-07-14 14.29.52 sanjay & glo2017-07-14 14.30.10 G Sanjay Takedown











#Sanjay  #Arjun  #wrestling #StinsonBeach #HawaiiCousins

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2 Responses to Stinson Beach Fam

  1. MIMI BREED says:

    My favorite part is Arjun’s sumo hairdo.


  2. Yes it makes its own statements when flying through the air…

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