Heaven or Iowa

July 7th 2017

I rode a tornado and landed in Iowa.  I did not expect it to be so lush, gorgeous and wonderful.  (Or hot or windy or full of such generosity.)

2017-07-07 GRANDVIEW FARM IOWA [5:03]:


So amazing seeing Beth, Troy, Alison,


Pix to follow!


Here is Cousin Clayton:

Clayton Severson Covers Are There Any More Real Cowboys by Neil Young [3:39]:

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2 Responses to Heaven or Iowa

  1. Bubble Wow says:

    Looks like kiddo heaven, all right!

  2. From Kathy:
    “Very well done. I always loved Iowa too. Not to live there, but a great place to visit and I have so many great memories of all the fun we as a family had there when the kids were growing up. Glad you and your family got to experience life on the farm.

    Enjoy your visit in California.

    We are looking forward to Gavin’s visit.


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