Independence Day U.S.A.

July 4th 2017


Gorgeous as it was to see this

Of all the images that struck me amid my 4th of July peregrinations this year, I believe the most poignant was this troupe of African American dancers (no photo).  Amid the thousands of us preparing to march the parade in the white white white seaside town of Bristol, R.I., I came upon them poised motionless, striking a pose with viper-like fierceness.  In that moment they were motionless and it was breathtaking. When a nearby drum corps sounded off, they exploded into a fury of dancing with heart and talent and might.  Such a doggedly determined show of loyalty  -to a country that has pretty much SHIT on entire swaths of its citizens- really moved me.

In their honor, here is the little known unofficial *fifth* verse of the Star Spangled Banner which -instead of literally glorifying the death of slaves in battle- instead decries “the enemy from within” (slavery and those who would defend it) and hails a nation full of  “millions unchained”:




Intersectional or BullshitWith Privilege comes Responsibilityfeeling uncomfortable









Finally, some words of encouragement by your favorite Liberal Redneck and mine, Trae Crowder!  [2:46]:


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2 Responses to Independence Day U.S.A.

  1. Jane Ann Nelson says:

    I just heard a commentary on NPR yesterday re the 5th verse of the national anthem that was added by Oliver Wenall Holmes 50 years later after the original verses by Francis Scott Key. The foe from within is the key point here in my opinion.

  2. Yes exactly! The foe at that time being slavery and its proponents. The foe at this time being any and all oppression (including contemporary slavery), especially as promulgated by the current repugnican fascist oligarchy.

    Blacks still get the biggest shaft in my opinion. And silence = deadly complicity.

    Ergo my noise.

    Thanks so much for both reading and weighing in Auntie!! ❤

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