June 2017 Fantasy Blog List

June 2017

“Life is good; there’s just so much of it!”

~Mary Margaret Breed

Life’s moved too fast and my electronics have moved too slow to document things here lately like I like.  Here as a poultice for my soul is a working list of the posts I *wish* to make:

Sunday 4/30 – Gavin’s (EPIC) 9th BDay Party

Sunday 5/14 – Mother’s Day w/ Boharts & Littles

Friday 5/19 – Face Painting in ClaraJane’s Classroom

Saturday 5/20 – ClaraJane Faerie Wushes

Memorial Day Weekend 2017 – DAR State Forest Camping with Friends!

Friday 6/2 – ClaraJane Kindergarten Graduation

Friday 6/2 – Hibachi Supper Fun Time with Pingitores & Grandma Z

Sunday 6/4 – ClaraJane’s Ballet Recital, Retirement & Retrospective

Friday 6/9 – Tobin Spring Concert

Wednesday 6/14 – Gavin’s Taekwondo Green Belt Testing

Friday 6/16 – Cambridge Water Treatment Plant Field Trip with ClaraJane’s Class

Friday 6/16 – JTJ Workshop for Gavin’s Class

*JTJ & GLO Double Stack!

Friday 6/16 – Bloody Mary Celebration

Saturday 6/17 – Tie Dye Party @Amanda’s

Sunday 6/18 – Father’s Day & The PinBox 3000

Sunday 6/18 – Dead & Co Hippy Encampment outside Fenway Park

*w/ Vermin Supreme!

Monday 6/19 – Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum Field Trip with Gavin’s Class

Monday 6/19 – Nephew Zachary’s 8th Grade Graduation

Monday 6/19 – Jane Ann

Tuesday 6/20 – Uncle Robert

Thursday 6/22 – Farewell Tobin / 3rd Grade Reflections

June 2017 – Dental Adventures

June 2017 – Le Chef

June 2017 – Bubble Wow Days

Saturday 6/24 – Taekwondo Belt Test Recap

Of course this would be impossible.

But call me Jen Quixote.

Please contact me with requests for posts at will; any direction helps!



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