Parenting Adventures: 9 y/o Teenage Edition – Part II

Wednesday, May 17th 2017 – continued

Collecting the kids from the bus I take them to a park and give my son this letter.


He was frankly my very sweet boy again and seemed rather pleased to receive the note; particularly enjoyed my silly drawing on it and my description of my love for him:

“…like crazy cakes past the moon around uranus and back infinity times like a giant, ever-expanding cosmic fart.”

Was it sleazy to include a literal one dollar gratuity in the letter just to sweeten the association for reading it?  (Hey, desperate people do desperate things.  So what?) 

Here is the letter:




Ice cream afterward was fun and blissfully uneventful.


(Other than some scandalous enjoyment of the latest “Boston Dig” cover.  Lol.)

Gavin then asked me, “If I get my after school routine done quickly, can I play with friends?”

OMG ARE YOU KIDDING BUDDY!?  That’s what it’s all about Boy.  YES!!!

In case you are wondering, ClaraJane was along for the ride, blissfully unaware, seen here ironically stopping modeling some “Bleeding Hearts.”


ON the way home we added “NOT HOLDING HANDS CROSSING THE STREET” to the mental list of freedoms he’d like to acquire.   (e.g.:  “HOW?”  -take up responsibility for the loss of safety measure, by being extra attentive, etc.)

Once home -on this first absolute summery day of the year- he negotiated and took responsibility for taking water guns and a bucket for filling them out in the yard.  HIs two friends’ parents might have been reserved in granting permission, but before long they were all squealing with laughter in the yard.

“Oh wait PAUSE!  I’m out of ammo.  Pause!”  I hear him say to his friends, reloading his squirt gun in a bucket of water.


As I write now it is now Friday 5/19.

At the bus stop this morning he would not let me put sunblock on him.  After dodging me a couple times he said HE would do it.  “AH,” I say, “Of course.”  OK so that means you work with me to learn how to do a proper job of it.  He proceeds to thoroughly moisturize his HANDS with the stuff and then the bus comes.  Imperfectly forward we go.

To Gavin’s list of desired freedoms this week so far we have added:

  • Not holding hands in traffic
  • playing outside unsupervised
  • ?house keys
  • math game on mom’s phone
  • crossing street with sister to buy them both ice cream (with his own $$)!
  • buying a water gun at Target (*sigh*) 
  • putting on his own damn sun block

So now instead of struggles, these are now noted conversations to have to see (whether and) how to facilitate these “freedoms.”   PHEE-EW.

Or as they say in Taekwondo:   KIYAAP!

2017-05-17 Boy Ninja Kick.jpg

Gavin gets some pointers on his board break kick from Mr. Bart.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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1 Response to Parenting Adventures: 9 y/o Teenage Edition – Part II

  1. Anita.... says:

    Whats that Shaw quote…lifes not abouf finding yourself …its about creating yourself……
    the ultimate responsibility…….you son is so inspiring…you too…what a good guides he gets to have in his life…..

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