From Saturday Night Live 3/11/2017:



Another great job by the SNL Crew (and Scarlett Johanssan).


And, PS:  F#ck you Ivanka.  Especially f#ck your ENTIRE family (except your baby of course… until he grows up to be like the rest of you).  You oligarchical, fossil fuel promoting, hypocritically manufacturing-your-shit-in-Ghina, contractor grifting, emoluments violating, “fact” fabricating, big game animal murdering, health care repealing, xenophobic policy making M*therF#CKERS.

May your “Trump” Empire truly burn in Hell; Hell on Earth.  Preferably BEFORE burning our country and planet down with you.

But that the day will come in my life or my children’s lives when your family is but a smear in the rearview annals of our planet’s history, along with the rest of so called “leaders” who bore no concern for the welfare of the common man.  

I do not like to hate but my moral outrage and hate for you has few bounds.



PPS:  AND  A BIG HOWDY-DO TO MY TRUMP SUPPORTING READERS!  WHASSUP!?!?!  Having fun yet???  Did you  know your thunderous SILENCE is LOUD AND CLEAR???  Do you know that??? HOW DOES THAT CULPABILITY TASTE???  Is it worth it… to have your tax bracket protected or whatever at the expense of people losing heath care and having their families ripped apart???  Do you really not care if our policies kill off species of animals and destroy public lands??   Do you think I am making that up??  Do you think if you were born in different circumstances you would not do any and everything you could to try giving your family a fighting chance?  Do you think you are SPECIAL because the vagina you came out of happened to be on U.S. SOIL?  Is your skin color the same as everyone’s around you??  Do you think that’s coincidence??  So long as YOU are enjoying your nice, cozy safe privilege…is that all that matters??

point a2017-03-15 21.31.33

M i right?



point b 2017-03-15 21.36.45

PPPS:  Please correct me if I’m wrong!

           (Dear God, PLEASE let me be wrong.)



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