Silence and Privilege

March 13th 2017

From my friend Corey Morgan, because he says it well and it can’t be said enough:

Trump Supporters: You want to know why Corey Morgan Captain America.jpgthe label of racist/bigot/xenophobe is pasted on you for supporting Trump? And you want to know why I have no sympathy for your whining about being called such, even if you aren’t a racist?

It’s because VIRTUALLY all of you remain SILENT when Trump, his cabinet, his surrogates, and his other supporters say racist, bigoted and xenophobic things. YOU REFUSE TO SPEAK OUT AGAINST IT. And that is tantamount to your tacit APPROVAL of those statements and actions. 

I had no problem speaking out against those things that I disagreed with President Obama about. Same with Hillary and Bernie. Same with certain ways that people were protesting over the last few years. And I’ve taken heat for my stances. BUT AT LEAST I STOOD UP AND SPOKE OUT.

But you CHOOSE to be silent damn near EVERY TIME Trump or his people say something or do something offnsive. You are SILENT when he picks white nationalists to work in his campaign, and then in his administration. You were silent when swastikas were painted all over town. You’re silent when he lies. EVERY.DAMN.DAY. You’re silent when Kellyanne lies. You’re silent when Spicer lies.

YOUtrump's america.jpg

You don’t get to stand in a crowd of bigots and not be labeled as one, if you don’t have the courage to speak out against it. So either stop complaining and wear the label in that same safe, protective silence and privilege that you’ve been enjoying, or take the damn label off, by speaking out against those things you CLAIM to not be in favor of.

Corey Morgan Mic Drop

Corey Morgan is a among other things a friend, father, face painter, cosplayed and beautiful human being. 

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