Face Painting – Color Theory

Thursday, March 9th 2017 – East Coast Face Painting Convention, Manchester CT

Day One, Class 3: Color Theory with Whitney Myers

Color Wheel.jpg

Analagous (adjacent) vs.                 Complimentary (contrasting) Colors


2017-03-09 18.47.51.jpg


  For a happier look, lighter colors angle towards the inside of the eye.  (Opposite for angrier look.)

•  Don’t always outline in black!

•  After applying base layer, highlight with analogous color, then accent with complimentary color. Eg; green monster, yellow highlights and magenta horns etc.

•  Recommended brands:  Sponge with Kryolan, Brush with Global




A Green Monster:


Pay attention to the focal point with your strokes; in towards the eye.

On the business side:

• Pay attention to where/how you are advertising vs. what kinds of clients you wish to target.  (e.g.; “free” events vs. corporate).

•  Cold calls work!  In fact if you are the first person to call offering something they need then they are relieved to book you.

• Especially if you use LinkedIn to identify who the marketing director is of a certain firm; then when you call them you can ask for them by name and get right through because they think you know them.

2017-03-09 19.00.32.jpg


•  For fast paced gigs just have a menu with “3 boys and 3 girls” on a piece of laminated paper.

•  Color matters!  “Crap line work on vibrant color can still be amazing,” and with
no added cost or time.

•  Remember your focal point. (Angle towards the eyes.)


• Master your dagger stroke!   (aka: 5T x2)


“Boy Tiger”:



2017-03-09 15.03.19.jpg

And finally, the One Eye Butterfly & One Eye-Eating Dinosaur:

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