Happy International Women’s Hotel Room-to-Myself Day

Wednesday, March 8th 2017

Women's Day

Y’all Wonderwomen


Last night I returned home to find a gift from my mom, and my boy wandering out of bed past bedtime.  Also his father whom I immediately locked onto for guidance I needed about a challenging situation I was facing, without letting my sun interrupt.

Then I found this:

2017-03-08 10.37.47

“I understand that you are currently having problems in your life and I am going to let you express those things to your husband but please don’t open this gift without me.  love, gavin”

Wow, right?

We open it, and lo:

2017-03-08 10.38.31-1.jpg

“Fancy Gesigns” PussyHat and pictorial of the Jan 21st International Women’s March! 


Mom, thank you!!!!


Today I awake to just another morning with unicorns strewn in my bed:

2017-03-08 06.53.44

Saying goodbye to them for a couple of days at the morning bus stop, they even let me take their picture together.  It happened to be “Dress to Impress” Day for Spirit Week:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


2017-03-07 07.13.49



(Yesterday was

Crazy Hair Day):





And tomorrow is “Throwback Thursday” – dressing from the past.  Gavin said he wants to dress as himself from “one minute in the past.”  (I had suggested “yesterday.”)


Tomorrow for me begins days of wall-to-wall classes, but tonight it’s all HOTEL ROOM BY MYSELF.

Then FRIDAY is PAJAMA DAY after which my three drive down to join me!

So QUICK, I better stop doing my favorite thing (blogging about my family) so I can do my favorite thing (blog about my family and other stuff).

2017-03-08 INTL WOMENS DAY HOTEL ROOM TO MYSELF [31 seconds]:


Cash me later.

2017-03-07 23.27.41-1.jpg

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3 Responses to Happy International Women’s Hotel Room-to-Myself Day

  1. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    Wow, how old is Gavin? 32? What a spectacular note.
    So glad you have “a room of one’s own” for a couple of days. You’re right, it’s practically unbelievable!
    When they ARE 32, you’re going to miss waking up to unicorns in your bed. Maybe there will be little grand-replicas of them if you’re lucky.

  2. Jane Ann Nelson says:

    Wow! Is right! How old is Gavin? About 25? 😀

    Sent from my iPhone


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