Isaiah Robinson – Local Hero

January 23rd 2017

“Look for the helpers.”

~Fred Rogers’ Mother

After the devastating fire in our neighborhood in December, the Cambridge City Council looked for the helpers and boy did they find one.

This ceremony honoring high school junior Isaiah Robinson is inspiring in its tribute to his heroism in the face of the fire (rescuing all 5 of his siblings plus three other children), but also in his incredible appreciation of his city, his school community and his family.   His emotional outburst is also a thing of beautiful vulnerability in strong young man.

The City Council honors Isaiah Robinson [7:26]:


And this not about me but when I hear him speak to the incredible support he appreciates in his teachers and staff at the Cambridge High School school –CRLS– my heart is bursting with enthusiasm shouting, “MY TAX DOLLARS AT WORK!”  (Also with gratitude that my own children may go there one day.)

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2 Responses to Isaiah Robinson – Local Hero

  1. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    Beautiful! Thank you for this. I did not know. What a young hero!
    Especially in these dangerous times I am, like Isaiah, grateful that most of my family members live in relatively safe spaces — Cambridge, California, and Hawaii.

  2. Jane Ann Nelson says:

    Speechless. Tears. Awesome young man.

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