A Walk Around the Lake by Olivia

February 22nd 2017

While in Plymouth with family over break my 12 y/o niece Olivia was teaching herself one of my favorite hobbies;  VIDEO EDITING!

After a couple random whimsical productions, she sent me this touching piece about walking her dogs in the woods.  (She also gave me permission to publish it here.)  The score is so good I’m legit jealous, and the pace is so soothing it almost feels like an exercise in mindfulness.

Wonderful choices Olivia!  I love your voice in this piece.  Love, Aunt Jenny  (o:

2017-02-22 A Walk Around the Lake by Olivia [2:42]: 





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1 Response to A Walk Around the Lake by Olivia

  1. Jane Ann Nelson says:

    Great job, Olivia! And great coaching, Jen!

    Sent from my iPhone


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