Solo Environmental Activism Day

Wednesday, January 25th 2017



Massachusetts’ Old State House


On this day I took to the streets in search of getting involved with helping to saving the planet with other PEOPLE in REAL LIFE (in addition to ongoing reading and donating and signing petitions online).

The way I went about it may not have been most direct or efficient, but a first try at something never is, and my experience was still great -and fruitful- on other levels.

Most importantly, in these unthinkably horrific times, I am not prepared to indulge in the luxury of staying home idle.

The Fuckface-in-Cheif just green lighted the completion of the DAPL pipeline to go under Lake Oahe on the Standing Rock Preservation, violating their Treaty Rights and threatening the water supply of MILLIONS of Americans.


FIRST STOP: Massachusetts Clean Energy Center 

“Get Clean Energy, Work in Clean Energy, Innovate Clean Energy” mcec-logo

2017-01-25 Solo Activism Day [2:37]


NEXT STOP:  New England Clean Energy Council

“Helping cleantech entrepreneurs connect to the innovation ecosystem and its robust resources.”

2017-01-25 Quest to Help Save the Environment – Con’d [2:55]


FINAL STOP: Environmental League of Massachuetts

“Advocating for Responsible Environmental Policy in Massachusetts Since 1898”


2017-01-25  Environmental Reconnaissance Day – Final Chapter [2:06]



In conclusion, here is some of what I learned and/or was reminded of:

  • There is an extensive clean energy industry in Massachusetts.
  • People (in that industry) are nice.
  • Boston is beautiful.
  • You don’t have to wait to take action and it feels good to do so.
  • You never know where an effort is going to lead you.
  • The ballet lessons I have started give me a new way to be in my body.
  • To wit:  I enjoyed walking!
  • Being a tourist in your own town is as exhilarating as “real” travel.
  • All the same I remain pretty challenged when it comes to catching the right TRAIN.
  • It’s wonderful trying completely new things for the first time in life (e.g.; activism, ballet, tourism on foot, learning about renewable energy)
  • I can hardly wait to take my kids “traveling” in our own town.
  • For the U.S. to stay in the Paris Agreement is of utmost importance
  • The Paris Agreement includes a component calling upon the power of trees
  • The Environmental Voter Project helps keep voting in favor of the environment, and is easy to sign up with.

Finally, the Nature Conservancy seems amazing, has a lot of simple actions steps to take such as reading, donating, taking a quizsigning a pledge or any choosing of these conservancy gifts for a loved one.

And remember, you can become an Environmental Voter today.


To be continued!


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3 Responses to Solo Environmental Activism Day

  1. Paul Oberhauser says:

    Wait! What did you say? You enjoyed walking?!?

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