Tuesday, January 24th 2017

As I struggle to tear my eyes and heart and mind away from all the horrifying news coming from our country’s new “administration,” and to curate the media I collected from the weekend’s historical WOMEN’S MARCH AROUND THE WORLD, I find and share this one explosively vindicative minute with it’s inexorable message from the mouth of none other than my man, the incomparable BERNIE SANDERS:

2017-01-22 BERNIE SANDERS – Trump’s Bigotry Brings us TOGETHER:

“Mr. Trump, I’ve got bad news for you.  You are not going to divide us up by gender, by race, by who we love.  In fact, your bigotry and your ugliness are going to bring us together in a PROGRESSIVE MOVEMENT.  What we are saying today Mr. Trump is; We are not going to retreat on women’s rights, on immigration rights, on workers’ rights, on health care rights, on racial justice, on the environment or climate change.  We know we can be a nation based on love and compassion, not on hate and bigotry!”

~Senator Bernie Sanders


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