Pussyhats for the Resistance

Wednesday, January 18th 2017


As we brace ourselves for an unthinkable inau-gag!-guration of an unspeakably inappropriate and unqualified person for [*cough*] U.S. President this Friday, we are also busy preparing ourselves for the “unprecedented” historic Women’s March on Saturday.

One amazing symbol that has arisen for The Resistance is The PUSSY HAT.  To re-appropriate an inappropriate term by a grope-proned PEOTUS and to champion resistance in a piece of wearable art and possibly -hopefully- create a SEA OF PINK at the protest, every protest, in 370 cities and counting around the globe!

Needless to say my mom has gotten STRAIT to work, missing nary an opportunity to stave off all other responsibilities and KNIT KNIT KNIT.  To wit:

We don’t call her “Wow” for nothing.

Then yesterday I discovered I could do THIS:


Look Ma, No Knitting!


And today I discovered I can do THIS:

Lots of #Pussyhats (plus actual pussycat)

So in making as many as I can to share, my thought is to accept donations to distribute to the following organizations:

1) StandingRock.org

• Defending our land and water supply from Big Oil pollution!

2) EndCitizensUnited.org

• Fighting to stem the influence of unrestricted monetary influence in our government!

3)  OFA.us  (Organizing for America)

• Fighting to preserve health care for millions of Americans!

4)  OurRevolution.com , whose platform includes:


Too bad about all that other life-responsibility stuff.  All I wanna do is sew and blog.



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