Magic Ballet Backgammon Day

Tuesday, January 10th 2017

Some days it’s even more amazing to live in the People’s Republic of Cambridge than others.  And on this day when congress is vetting the first of the Orangutan-elect’s revolting cabinet picks (e.g.; a notorious racist for Attorney General), I gallivanted around town with nary a political thought when I wasn’t sparring online.

1)  After getting kids to bus, and collecting an office supply from an online yard sale person, I went to my mom’s to visit and excavate YARN so she can continue knitting PUSSY HATS for The Resistance!

2)  Then I did something I have never done in my life:  took my first BALLET CLASS.


Before ballet in The Cambridge Center for Adult Education Dance Studio.


At 46 years old, what have I got to lose?  Just more age.  The class was so beautiful and challenging and amazing and inspiring and such a wonderful workout… it feels like the perfect bandaid from within to compliment the neglectful punishment I give it the rest of the time both personally and professionally.   That my best friend growing up is a ballet dancer and I have had so much exposure to the culture without ever having taken a class makes it all the more mind blowing.  And the music was so beautiful.  I loved it so much.  I’m so pleased and thankful I get to do this!!

3)  Then I swooped up my hubsand from work and whisked him away for a pre-arranged errand to the bank, and then to a secret surprise afternoon date… to a secret place smack in the middle of Harvard Square that you’d never know is there until you do.


Hubby preparing to beat my butt a second time in Backgammon.

Indeed, there is a secret-like hidey-hole loft specifically designated for chess and backgammon.  It cost $2 an hour, as did our parking for two hours.  So overall, a $4 secret date (not so secret anymore) on a Tuesday afternoon.  Priceless!  (Agreeable company too.)

4)  And now, although I’d love to stay home and start cleaning our messy home… I must swirl in my proverbial phone booth and dash off to save the evening of various boys and girls at my Tuesday Kids’ Night gig.

So although I hate to brag, neither do I want to let it go un-noted… I am living a fairy tale and like it or not I had to share.   Not to worry… whatever we know as true will always change!  So enjoy any and everything you can, while you can.


Thanks MOM for the PUSSY HAT!

And I’m off.

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