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January 1st 2017

Paper chain family protected in cupped hands

This morning I explained to my son that although there’s nothing wrong with him playing a lot of Minecraft, video games are designed to provide a hit of dopamine in your brain at regular intervals, which easily creates a biological addition in our bodies.  So it’s my job as a mom to disrupt that pattern with some regularity. I also reminded him that he’s been doing a great job being accountable and responsive these days when we do ask him to come off the game and “be human for while.”

Often we have chores or the like for him to transition to, and of course he has plenty of other forms of play -and naturally reads a lot- but I’ve been thinking more about the meaning of that interval being “human.”  Sometimes he transitions immediately from one activity to another and I’m like, “Wait a sec buddy, what’s up?  How are you?  Come here and give me a hug,” etc.

So I have come up with a (preliminary) list of keywords to prompt a Point of Human Connection for him to use in these intervals with me.  Well hopefully for us all to use with each other.  Because these are in fact what interest me most about any person whom I love.


Just the contents of your head, heart, body, soul.

Boy seemed agreeable to the idea (immediately told me fun-fact that elephants and humans are the only animals that can stand on their heads), as did DaddyLove.  I’m delighted to explicitly try this in the new year.


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