Mommy Daughter Time – Salon Edition

December 21st 2016


A new tradition is born.  Mommy-Daughter time.  What a concept.

In light of the pending holidays, it was strait to the nail salon for us.  And in light of how dear daughter has not been letting me groom her hair, it’s off to see a hair wizard the very next day.  Naturally the princess loved it.  And considering she’s already let me braid and brush her hair that night and morning since, the investment has yielded a delightful return.  Needless to say I’m also determined to pursue other Mommy-Daughter days that don’t necessarily cost $80+.   But if this is our new Christmas tradition, I say bring it.  We even conspired to keep up this tradition in the future; like if she is away at college and I come to visit, we can sneak out for mani-pedis.  Totally.

2016-12-21 Pampering Princess ClaraJane [1:07]:


“Wanna know my favorite thing about salons?”

“Tell me,” I say.

“These!” she exclaims, showing me the complimentary candies.


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1 Response to Mommy Daughter Time – Salon Edition

  1. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    I’m sure Dada is dazzled on two accounts!

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