Wednesday, December 14th 2016



Alexander Hamilton’s Great x5 Grandson Calls For Unity Vigils [1:38]:












My dear California’s 55 Electors have sent a class letter to all the other electors appealing for them to choose none other than BERNIE SANDERS (whom we all know was cheated out of the Dem nomination and would have beat Twitler-Trump handily in the general election).

Here’s the letter.


The ONLY candidate willing and able to tell us the TRUTH.



Here is a riveting update on the current doubts of the electors as reported on the David Pakman Show two days ago [6:25]:




It may well be destroyed anyway, as it is being unthinkably in Aleppo today (and every day).

But, you know: start-where-you-are-use-what-you-have-do-what-you-can



Yes let’s stop an unfit man from becoming president, shall we?

See:  HamiltonElectors.com

See Also: Tell the Electors to Vote Your Conscience

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