I Mean, Michael A. Wood Jr.

December 7th 2016 – Cont’d.

“We’re going to fulfill what we actually swore to do, which is to protect this country against enemies foreign and domestic.”

I’m amazed to discover the existence, activism and intelligence of this ex-Marine and former Baltimore Police Lieutenant.



Here are two of his amazing interviews with one of my favorite independent journalist/comedians, Jimmy Dore.  (Note this goes much deeper than Standing Rock, although the DAPL conflict is emblematic of so much that’s wrong with our country.)

“Police serve power.  They serve the oligarchy and who’s writing the checks.  And you will find out, as I keep saying, that American policing is based on three things and three things only; 1) the creation and maintenance of slave class, 2) the protection of elite and white property and 3) the continued genocide of the Native American people.”

~Michael A. Wood Jr.

2016-12-02 Veterans Heading To North Dakota To Protect Citizens From Criminal Cops [11:10]


“This is a support mission, and if the Sioux Tribe wants us to pack up a camp and move it to a different location, then that’s what we’re going to do.  If they want us to stand in front of them and push through the line, then that’s what we’re going to do.”

                                                                                     ~Michael A. Wood Jr.

2016-12-02  What If The Cops Attack? – ‘They’ll Have To Kill Me’ – Veterans To Stand With DAPL Protesters [12:33]


“My heart is burning to go across that bridge and to make them to get out of our way and to shut the whole thing down right now, and if that’s what they tell me to do then you are going to see the ‘commander’ of this operation get a big fat smile on his face and say ‘Who’s coming with me?’  But I think we’re going to have productive negotiations before then really.” ~Michael A. Wood Jr.

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