The Art of the Protest

November 2016

“I don’t know if protests ever make a difference,” I say to hubsand.

“Civil Rights baby,” comes the incisive Minnesotan response.

Demonstration against G8 Summit in Le Havre


As I look ahead to the Million Mom March on the Washington D.C. the day after this horrifying orange excuse for a sentient orange being is (currently) scheduled to be (gag) inaugurated as (gag) …  I can’t say it.

As I write here at the end of November, I truly believe that the tide might change against the oil pipeline at Standing Rock, N.D., and I also truly believe that this disgusting embarrassment of a person might get hung yet by his many immoral and seemingly *unconstitutional* dealings and NOT in fact make it to inauguration day as a candidate on January 20th 2017.

EITHER WAY we -me, my son and thousands of others- will be there to greet the new day on January 21st.***



***UNLESS we stop him first!!!

I think back to our rallies and protests outside the corrupt DNC this past July in Philadelphia voicing our support of Bernie Sanders.  In the end we lost, and corruption won.  But it is sure better to stand up and fight -peacefully of course- than to sit down in defeat.   I will never regret a second of it.




And to be fair, we still forced the Clinton campaign and the DNC platform to move “left” towards affordable wages and affordable education for example, and helped expose  corruption in the Democratic party itself.   And as my mom pointed out, the suffragettes -who sacrificed everything- STILL hadn’t achieved the legal right to vote until after many of them were DEAD.  So they died in seeming defeat, not knowing that in fact their work is what created eventual victory.





I’d rather be optimistic and try,

than cynical and not try,

no matter the outcome. 


A Lovely Review of Protests in America [3:35]:


The Art of the Protest c/o NYTimes:


And what do you know, we DID achieve an historic victory at Standing Rock!!  (For now.)   Here is Cenk Uygur celebrating the December 4th victory, giving credit where credit is due; to ACTIVISM! [5:41]:


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