The Elephant’s Shoulder

November 22nd 2016



A couple days before Thanksgiving my Dear Hubsand arrives home clutching an array of fresh ingredients loose in his hands; cauliflower, carrots, I don’t know what else.  Being that he is a chef  -THE Chef-  I asked him no more questions now than I would of Santa before Christmas.  Next I watch him -still in his biking jacket- bring over some carrot tops and quietly offer them to the bunnies, who nibble delightedly, and I choke up a little.



Here is a 6’9″ man whose life obsession involves anything OR everything tasty OR delicious, yet for my sake has basically forsaken “rabbit” from his menu, but still lives and loves to *feed* people and creatures and things, even rabbits.  (Somewhere I have video of him dropping a few granules of delight into the eagerly awaiting maw of a yak, I’m not kidding.)

I am verklempt at the reminder of what a kind man I have married.

And struck by one of my favorite poems by the Sufi Poet, Hafiz:



It is said that god is good.  God is love.

Judging by my husband’s shoulder I am inclined to agree.


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2 Responses to The Elephant’s Shoulder

  1. Paul Oberhauser says:

    Teary-eyed at work! Serves me right for checking my personal email at work. Love you Juggler.

  2. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    I love my juggler and chef and their ankle-biters. What an assemblage! Y’all know how to pick ’em.

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