Julia Julia Julia

Sunday, November 20th 2016


Julia gets a tattoo, CJ wonders why we’re still here

By a turn of fate I neither understand nor question, Dear Hubsand and I procured babysitting for both Saturday AND Sunday night this weekend, which is most notable for the fact that is exactly two more times than we have gone out so far this ENTIRE YEAR.


omg we’re on a date?!?

You might think the kids would have resisted or something, but when they found out it was *Julia* from SCHOOL they could not WAIT for us to leave.  And apparently they had an amazing time Saturday night because Sunday morning they were BUMMED they still had to wait several hours ’til it was time for their new favorite person on earth to come back again.

Here is how ClaraJane passed much of her time waiting.

2016-11-20 Julia Julia Julia [35 seconds]:

Thank you Julia.

I mean Juuulia! Juuulia! Juuulia!


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