Tobin Halloween 2016

Friday, October 28th 2016

An unadulterated photo blast of favorite cuties at the after school Halloween party this year.  (Bummed I didn’t get a shot of my adorable sister in her cute kitty ears… but otherwise here we are.)

First up;  Gavin, a Harry Potter DEMENTOR, and ClaraJane the ANNOYED WITCH (because mom painted her face wrong!):


Baseball player Miles… being stabbed by Dementor:



Witch Zaida and Victor the Dragon I want to grab and squeeze:



Olivia L. as Bloody Alice in Wonderland (Mom Jess to be Queen of Hearts) and little mighty SUPER LELA in the light-up custom costume her dad stayed up all night to sew:



Four O’s:


Paul is wearing white fairy angel wings (not shown), and when asked what I am dressed as I hear myself say, “Same thing I am every day!”







Community School Director Katie + me & Oxy.  All the after school staff are dressed as Contestants on the Price is Right, ready to Come on Down!



Two boys busy themselves with being too cool to participate, and somewhere down there Daddy marvels that I haven’t left for my gig yet.



And that reminds me… bye!

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