And the Carnage of Humanity

[Title to the tune of “12 Days of Christmas”]

Monday, October 3rd 2016



Hubsand and I are palpably aware of our blessings; humbled with gratitude, awe-filled in our appreciation.  That doesn’t mean life is easy or that we’re immune to ever acting like ungrateful jerks.  But having had our health, housing, employment and fiscal viability all profoundly threatened in the past, it’s hard not to feel lucky, grateful and -I hope- humbled  by our good fortunes.


Lack of prejudice.”  Don’t know if humans ever attain that but I’m happy to die trying.



Since last month when all my three went back to school, I have found more latitude of mental space (go figure), and a tentative ability to exhale sometimes.  So it only makes sense that -in addition to my ongoing meagre political monitoring of the atrocities in the world- I turn my attention to some of the loved ones in my immediate circle whose lives are proverbially on fire.


Of the FIVE distressed parties in my heart’s purview, there are FOUR underemployed, THREE getting evicted, TWO in the throes of divorce and TWO in the aftermath of attempted suicide… “and a partridge in a pear tree.”


Outrageous Fortune


(Musing that perhaps we are bad luck, I’ve begun asking hubsand, “Is it us?”)


Add to this the bombs and chemicals being dropped on CHILDREN in Aleppo and other places unknown, including on the HOSPITALS trying to save them.  Meanwhile my kids are given a bit of extra screen time to enable husband and I to absorb and *try* to help some of what’s going on around us, then on comes dazzling advertisements for crappy plastic toys to drive consumerism in the U.S. which is the fundamental PROBLEM UNDERNEATH 100% of the above problems.  (In a word; ENTITLEMENT.)

I feel crazy.



So my poor kids; we finish a wonderful healthy meal, snuggle on our couch to a lovely movie and it’s time to go to bed but the mere IDEA of BRUSHING THEIR TEETH in one of our TWO lovely bathrooms with potable water,  light, heat, privacy, safety etc. is naturally beyond the pale.

And I GO a little crazy.


I’m sorry kids it’s not you.

God PLEASE forgive me if I sound like I am complaining about my own circumstance, because I understand I HAVE NO REAL PROBLEMS.

But then again the children getting bombed (and others everywhere getting stolen, molested, assaulted, sold, killed)… ARE my circumstances.  It is humans doing these things and I am human.


These are my children too.


It is America above all else perpetuating the symptoms of capitalism against economies, people and environments globally, and I am American.

I’m American as the NFL where rapists are revered and peaceful protesters are demeaned.  American as the same corporations cranking out toys, junk food and cartoons to consume our resources so the corporations can violate the earth, poison our water, kill our minorities, break our treaties…


…and pay off the government to legislate their ability to do so.


R.I.P. America.


It is tempting to feel helpless.  Well I do feel helpless.

But I also know what to do:


Start where you are.




Look for the helpers.



If you have a chance.



After all:


Here is life.


Just remember:


There are no others.


I am sad.  Humbled.  Honored.  Grateful.


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2 Responses to And the Carnage of Humanity

  1. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    A lovely posting. But I disagree with what seems to be your position that all the evil in the world is America’s fault. It is not. America’s a fat target for blame, but blame and evil happen whatever the excuse or target. Always have. Always will. I do agree with your proposed remedies.

  2. Thanks much. No I did not mean to imply that “all the evil in the world” is America’s fault, especially not historically. Hearing you say that makes me think of the U.S. mainly as the biggest contemporary *channel* of evil these days (followed closely by China and Russia), simply because we are the biggest, richest, most powerful and probably have the most advanced technology. It is the International Corporatists anyway who are pulling all the strings, and as we know they lay claim to the spoils of all nations and loyalty to none. Meanwhile I remain perplexed by the “ever thus” statements, which always sounds like excuse #1 for complacent apathy.

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