Olympian Refugee Swimmer

August 8th 2016

Not being a fan of nationalism, I haven’t been overcome by feverish enthusiasm as the 2016 Olympics have gotten underway.  But I AM a fan of grit, determination and indomitable spirit.  And come to find out, THIS year for the first time, the Olympic Committee -in light of the unprecedented global scale of refugees- has created a REFUGEE TEAM, competing under the OLYMPIC flag itself.

And here we meet Yusra Mardini, who knocks my socks off with her brilliant optimism and  astonishing disposition.   Yes it’s worth noting that when her family was fleeing Syria across the treacherous waters between Turkey and Lesbos and their boat took on water and began to sink, but they were saved when Yusra and her sister jumped in the water to pull the boat by swimming for over three hours to safety.


Boom just like that I’m a fan.  She didn’t qualify to advance in the Butterfly but she’s competing in the 100m Freestyle this Wednesday.  GO YUSRA GO!!!


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1 Response to Olympian Refugee Swimmer

  1. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    If you dig I think you’ll find an incredible story about her refugee escape. The boat started taking on water; she and another person jumped in the water and, swimming, towed the boat to safely.

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