ClaraJane’s First Ballet Day

Wednesday, June 22nd 2016

2016-06-22 15.11.15-1


Immediately after the last day of school, ClaraJane and I steal across town to her FIRST BALLET CLASS EVER!  Her excitement is driving the train, and the pleasure is so palpable I tumble strait into a stereotype and suddenly find myself being a Dance Mom!  It’s particularly delicious considering my best friend ever growing up was/is a dancer whom I love and now the whole culture of ballet is flooding back to me.  Regardes!

2015-06-22 ClaraJane’s First Ballet Day [1:52]:




2016-06-22 15.03.01-1

(This is my own famous pose as a child, btw.)


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2 Responses to ClaraJane’s First Ballet Day

  1. Jane Ann Nelson says:

    Just beautiful! I think I have a few tears welling up. What lovely images.

  2. Jun 28
    Sarah Hayward
    to Jenny

    Just saw the First Ballet Day Video and post!! So sweet!!
    Looks like she had a blast! Hurrah! Wish I were there see it! One of these days…
    Miss ya and love ya

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