Good Friday Morning Adventure

Friday, March 25th 2016

2016-03-25 11.11.27








For this “Good Friday” off from school, and because of Baby Mary’s proclivity for “adventure” in the morning times, we arranged a family get-together around that.  And though none of my four managed to even change out of pajamas, it was a lovely party!


2016-03-25 11.09.40

Fueling up with Bubble Wow



2016-03-25 11.05.06

Stop it with the Cuteness Violations!



2016-03-25 12.30.00

Nonstop Pre-Easter All-Access Baby-Kitty-Bunny Action











In the midst of all this there was even a moment I’d been hoping for; sitting at the table with coffee and grownups while the children idly play OVER THERE.

The Moment I'd Been Hoping For

Trampoline-Baby-Balloon-Girls-Chess-Boys-Little-Bike Synchronicity











This is “all” they “need.”  Such attainment never lasts long but it is always SWEET. ♥


We also discussed Good Friday and what its about.  What I told my kids when they asked the day before went something like this:


KIDS:  What is ‘Good Friday?’

ME:  Well, in the Christian Religion, they believe Jesus died for our SINS, and if you BELIEVE that, you get to go to Heaven.  So this Friday is “Good” because that is the day he died.

G:  How did he die? 

ME:  Yeah, well, they nailed him to a cross.


ME:  Yes.  It’s horrible.  They drove real nails through his hands and feet to tack him up to a cross.  

CJ:  What’s a cross? 

ME:  It’s a big pole with a cross beam like this, so his feet were on the vertical part and his arms were outstretched on the cross part.  That is why you see Christian people wearing cross necklaces as jewelry to show they believe Jesus died for them so they get to go to Heaven.  But guess what!

THEM:  What?

ME:  Unlike everyone ELSE…  for the rest of us, when you die, you die, and that’s it.  But not Jesus!   After he died on the cross, they took his body up into a cave and covered the entrance with big boulders.  Then three days later his mother and some other ladies went to visit his body only to find one of the big boulders moved aside!  Then Jesus POPPED out and said, “BE NOT AFRAID!  IT IS I, JESUS, AND I’M BACK!”  Or something like that.  No one is really sure.  And that’s what EASTER is about three [2] days after Good Friday.  To celebrate Jesus coming back to life! 

THEM:  Oh.



It was a rare treat to discuss these things.*  My Mom -having been both scarred by her erstwhile upbringing as a Southern Baptist AND being protective of her grandkids- REALLY did not want any mention of “sin.”    I respectfully begged to differ with the argument that anything that is made taboo becomes more intriguing.  I couched “sin” as basically; NOBODY’S PERFECT!  And if you are Christian, that means God views you as less than a dirty dish rag until you accept in your heart that Jebus died for you and that is the ONLY recourse to eternal salvation.  Lovely story!

*We clarified that Jesus did not “pop” out of the cave.  He was missing and then reappeared some unspecified time later… and then eventually ascended into heaven.  Or maybe he did that on Easter.  Apparently there are many authors on this story so there are a lot of variations!!!


Mom also found this image I found online to be gruesome:

2016-03-25 16.35.54

Thank you Jesus.  Hi five!  


I however find this no less gruesome than the story itself.  No wait actually I find it MUCH less gruesome.

In any case Mom also reminded us that we have her to thank for sparing us the internalization of such scarring doctrine.  True!

I also have her to thank for raising me to think for myself.  For realz.


Hi five?







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1 Response to Good Friday Morning Adventure

  1. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    Hi five! Maintain the tradition — teach all the kids to think for themselves. (Thanks for the credit.)
    As far as I’m concerned, the word “sin” doesn’t belong in any vocabulary. Those who use the word (Ted Cruz comes to mind) do not mean it as “nobody’s perfect” or “we all make mistakes.” They mean it the other way, and it is a Big, Dangerous Lie nasty people use to CONTROL people with FEAR. (Make sure to tell THAT to the kids.) I understand your attempt at intellectual inclusiveness but those assholes don’t deserve it. I feel the same way about “religious tolerance” as does Ayaan Hirsi Ali (google her).
    But — nice recap of a lovely party — gives new meaning to the term “Good Friday.” It was really a goo–ood Friday!

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