Comedy Meets Classical – Leroy Anderson

Just encountered this wonderful and hilarious piece where COMEDY meets CLASSICAL MUSIC meets WRITING.  Love it!

Le Machina de Escriber [4:33]:


Turns out this was written by Leroy Anderson, born right here in CAMBRIDGE no less (1908-1975), growing up studying music, attending New England Conservatory and Harvard, becoming fluent in many languages, serving in the Army during the Korean War and writing many wonderful pieces (such as the famous “Sleigh Ride“), and this one:

“Plink, Plank Plunk!” [2:56]:



And, thinking of the trumpet players in my life, A Trumpeter’s Lullaby [3:59]:


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2 Responses to Comedy Meets Classical – Leroy Anderson

  1. Jane Ann Nelson says:

    So enjoyable. Thanks for sharing.

    • Delighted you enjoyed it Auntie! Some things I post in hopes my kids will trip over them in the future. Well heck, that is true of everything I post. Our enjoying it in the present is the real icing on the cake!

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