Supper SNAFU

Wednesday, March 16th 2016

After Gavin’s Tae Kwon Do class on Wednesdays, it’s almost kids’ bedtime but we still need to eat.  Back at home on this night, Daddy was going to feed CJ early and get her to bed, so I felt there’d be no problem with some extra Mother-Son connection time in taking Boy out to dinner.

So I text Daddy, and he writes back (twice!):

2016-03-16 22.48.06


Dang!  There I am at the incomparable Midde East Restaurant, having a wonderful time with my son, except for this distasteful sense of letting Dear Hubsand down.

I try to get myself off the hook:

2016-03-16 22.49.20

(Gavin weighs in)


Then I notice this on Facebook:

2016-03-16 23.05.04

(Guess whose FB reaction was “Sad”?)


A beautiful fish dinner!  I didn’t know he was making a beautiful fish dinner!?  Arghh!

So I’m honest:

2016-03-16 23.06.37

(Trying to embrace my situation.)


Next I see a different post; another blow on Facebook:

2016-03-16 23.11.24

Dumplings, fried whitting, steamed broccoli, edamame, rice.


Public shaming!  I fight back:

2016-03-17 21.08.58


He blocks:

2016-03-16 23.21.09

See what i did there


What can I say?:


(getting schooled on FB)


It’s not over.  Another blow:

2016-03-16 23.00.25

#ouch that face


Below the belt!  Public shaming I can handle.  But this?

Naught left but revenge:

2016-03-16 20.06.38

“Sowwy!” says Gavin


We are trying to finish up when the restaurant owner shows up and –being notoriously friendly and unable to resist children–  fawns all over us and insists on giving us dessert.  Thereupon Gavin delivers a final message in two parts:


(complimentary homemade baklava)


2016-03-16 23.16.25

(his belly)


Ask anyone and they can confer I don’t believe in using devices during dinner… EXCEPT for great exceptions of course.  In this case our family was accidentally separated, but thanks to the technology of a socially engineered virtual world we were still able to fight across the dinner table same as ever.  (o;

Needless to say I brought the baklava home to DH as a peace offering.  And he totally forgave me.



PS:  As to the embarrassment of technological ease and food security we enjoy among other privileges, for now I try to partly deserve them by celebrating them here.

PPS:  I asked Gavin where he learned “Welp,” and naturally he’d read it in a book… about a cat named Mr. Pants.  (!?)

PPPS:  Here is a delightful 4-minute video of the infectious owner Mr. Nabil Sater and his legendary Middle East Restaurant & Nightclub:



OF NOTE:   The Middle East had been Gavin’s pick this night.  (Independently owned, fresh food, unique atmosphere, funky vibe, chill waitstaff and rock bands playing downstairs; what’s not to like?)  The Middle East is also significant insofar it was there that Paul once revived our then-floundering courtship by SHOWING UP one fateful night I was performing Open Mic.   It must have been late August of 2006.  A story for another day!






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