Super Tuesday – Shit Gettin’ Realz Yo

TUESDAY, March 1st 2016

2016-03-01 11.34.23

Today is primary election voting day in 13 states including this one, Massachusetts.


I can only hope that when you are reading this, it is far enough in the future that the Drumpf plague that is overtaking the political climate in this country has receded into a footnote.  But as I write it is a pernicious, spray tanned, flaming, talking trash-can mucous-sac of cancer.

AND, after a year of slogging it out online and *learning* from left and right leaning players, here’s what I screamed into the void today, for your viewing delight:

Jenny TheJuggler    3 hrs · Cambridge ·
Political rallies are being segregated; the *KKK* are holding violent rallies; NAZIS are back, welding knives; JOURNALISTS are being physically attacked; MINORITIES are being quietly executed; ABORTION rights are going before an incomplete Supreme Court; VOTING RIGHTS are being suppressed; WELFARE and SOCIAL SECURITY are under attack; WOMEN don’t receive EQUAL PAY; the FIRST AMENDMENT is in danger of being restricted; the SECOND AMENDMENT is in danger of being expanded; our MILITARY budget is 54% of our budget but almost none of it is allocated to taking care of our VETERANS; the ex-VP made $40BILLION on the last dozen years of made-up wars that has cost or country $7 TRILLION; presidential candidates want to force women to have babies WHILE taking away HEALTH CARE and food subsidies; FOOD which is being poisoned by the ONE corporation to which the government has given most of the production (Monsato) even as it kills the very thing we NEED to produce food (BEES); Congress won’t approve a livable wage for those who WORK, but legislate unlimited pay raises for themselves (WHILE refusing to do their jobs); meanwhile the MOST PROFITABLE banks and corporations pay little to NO TAX, *while* receiving REFUNDS off the backs of the American people and the MEDIA serves as the MARKETING ARM of the whole operation, successfully sedating us with Kardashian-football, questioning whether SCIENCE IS REAL and moreover, convincing us that the culprit is the most disenfranchised among us -“immigrants!”- as if we didn’t all hijack this sacred place a few generations ago when we murdered it’s 100 Million inhabitants. 
But let me guess, “YOU came out of a vagina in Detroit, so that makes you ***special***!!!” And speaking of vaginas, how about let’s “make history” and vote for a politician who -although sporting one on the outside- is just another purveyor of ESTABLISHMENT arrangements on the INSIDE (not a bad person such as GOP Cancers on the right, just a good ol’ fashioned traditional POLITICIAN). The vagina? Window dressing.
Do I hate America? No I love my country and especially the planet it inhabits, including most of the people and all of the creatures on it; unless you are pro-ISIL or pro-Drumpf, in which case I wish for YOUR “GOD” to have mercy upon your soul for the very the hatred and destruction you perpetuate.
I’m voting for the ONE candidate of constancy and valor, who fully practices integrity, compassion and fairness to all human beings.


Here is some of the best of what the professional commentators (who by no coincidence are also comedians) have to offer:
John Oliver’s epoch Drumpf take down (it’s just SO GOOD) [22 minutes]:
Samantha Bee’s indictment of the sleeping idiocracy (from which I am finally beginning to AWAKEN) [7 minutes]:

There’s so much more but I leave it here with this image of my son helping me fill out my ballot:
2016-03-01 14.53.19-1

Bern Baby Bern




Here’s to the Bernie supporting ones!



feeling the bern


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