Annoying My Brother

Wednesday, February 3rd 2016

Of the many, many things I love about Social Media (Facebook in particular – which I use as the battlegrounds for social & political progress), I love that I get to see my brother sometimes.  After having spent so much of our lives so far apart (Boston vs. Hawaii or Oakland), it’s so refreshing to virtually bump into him almost daily now.  At this moment in history we find ourselves on the same political team fighting for social justice in the form of supporting Bernie Sanders’ campaign for POTUS.  [#SANDERS2016!]

But there is always room for levity.  For example, I didn’t know my brother was such a stickler for grammar:

2016-02-03 12.49.51


But now that I *know*:

2016-02-03 12.49.21


It’s like riding a bike.  Haven’t fought with him for years, but it comes so naturally.  I just don’t remember it being so fun.

Also, I will be in his area soon.  (2/11).



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2 Responses to Annoying My Brother

  1. Aunt Jane Ann says:

    Exactly the type of sibling feuding you’d expect from a literary-minded mother!

  2. Jane Ann Nelson says:

    Just the type of sibling feuding I’d expect from a literary-minded mother.

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