Math Morning – January 2016

Thursday, January 28th 2016

2016-01-28 07.46.03

ClaraJane and Mirium hold hands from breakfast to class


Today was the much anticipated annual MATH MORNING at Tobin school; a rare opportunity for parents to come witness the intriguing materials and fascinating works of our students inside the classroom.  First up, ClaraJane’s class in “Children’s House” (3-6 y/o’s).  Here is the greeting on the “Smart” Board (previously knowns as a “Chalk” Board.)

2016-01-28 08.16.14

Um… Binomial Cube?  Multiplication… in KINDERGARDEN?


ClaraJane and Afomia demonstrate the “Snake Game.”

2016-01-28 08.12.50

2016-01-28 08.12.54

2016-01-28 08.13.30


Ms. Mayya explains the legend of the bead snake, who got tired of his colors and traded them all in for Golden.

2016-01-28 08.16.29

Ms. Mayya explains the Snake Game


The children count bead segments -each of which is color coded according to how many units it contains- and swap out ten for a single strip of 10 (made of Golden Beads).

2016-01-28 08.19.22

e.g.; red=1, green=2, pink=3, yellow=4, purple=6, white=7, brown=8, blue=9


The students are implicitly learning addends of 10 (e.g.; 6+4=10), AND multiples of 10.  (e.g.; the above snake is made of 7 x 10 = 70 units).

2016-01-28 08.11.07

Mommy Looks On (wearing “Hello Kitty, Hello Harvard”)

These students are 4 and 5 years old by the way.  Is your mind blown yet?


ClaraJane then shows me one of her other favorite “works” in class; Polishing Wood.

2016-01-28 08.22.44

Montessori Materials are always meticulously organized.


2016-01-28 08.22.34

More Montessori Works in a (most wonderful) Children’s House Classroom.


The school also encourages sibling participation in each others classrooms on special  days.  To that end, ClaraJane gets to host a most important dignitary;  her BROTHER!

2016-01-28 08.28.44

Young Henry looks on in fascination


CJ shows him around her classroom.

2016-01-28 08.29.11

(yes paint me silently ecstatic; they are holding hands)


On to Brother’s Class!  Being a 2nd grader puts him in a “Lower Elementary” class of 1st, 2nd & 3rd graders.  Chef makes it out of the kitchen in time to join us for Gavin’s presentation of the Bead Frame.

2016-01-28 08.42.19

Dynamic 4-digit addition with the Bead Frame


2016-01-28 08.44.31

Auntie Oxy and Victor also stop by to observe


2016-01-28 08.45.11

Sajni (in the background) is in hot pursuit of playing with Victor (squealing and scrambling away on the right)


2016-01-28 08.53.45

Oxy provides her feedback


2016-01-28 08.59.31

Aunt Amanda comes by too


Which reminds me, I still have time to make it to Miles’ class!

2016-01-28 09.01.53

Miles shows me the “Stamp Game.”    


He is also doing dynamic 4-digit addition, with different materials.  He also has a “Learning Target.”

2016-01-28 09.03.09

Leaning Targd: You will be abl to Add


Using tiles representing the 1000’s, 100’s, 10’s & 1’s, he solved this problem:


2016-01-28 09.07.13

3675 + 9381 = 3056… well, 1,3056, but we had run out of time to finish ):


Meanwhile, there is a dad in CJ’s class who is a ninja with his artistry in photography, and he gave us this:

ClaraJane concentrating on her work

ClaraJane concentrating on her work


And finally, in spite of Gavin driving his teachers crazy with his *constant* drive to read no matter *what,* underneath there is this:

2016-01-28 08.54.41

Gavin and Mr. Dana


If you need me I’ll be reviving after I faint now.  ♥



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  1. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    It’s a good thing I defied my parents’ advice to become a teacher. I’m not smart enough!

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