Gavin Sparring at Tae Kwon Do

January 7th & 14th – 2016

Gavin begins this year in a new Tae Kwon Do class, having moved up from “Little Tigers” through “Advanced Tigers” and on to “Level I.”   The class we attend has a mix of levels together, with Gavin ranked the lowest as of yet.   Our first day back the class started a new “form” and an assistant student was assigned to refresh Gavin on the old one, called “Chon-Ji.”

2016-01-07 17.06.23

Gavin works on Chon-Ji


It was beautiful to watch Gavin being coached by this boy who is of Black Belt proficiency, but not yet a black belt because you have to be 14 and he is only 10.

2016-01-07 17.06.27

The 7 y/o & the 10 y/o


The next week, Jan 14th, in spite of careful planning and communication by his mother (ahem), Gavin was pissed as hell when it was time to LEAVE to go to class.  (I understand!  Leaving is hard!)   He fights me all the way and claims he wants to quit, etc.  I tell him he may quit Tae Kwon Do someday, but not *this* day just because he doesn’t *feel* like it.  That’s not how it works.

Mr. Bart offers to check in with him before class:

2016-01-14 16.37.07

Pep talk with Mr. Bart – Life is a pain sometimes!


Reluctantly Gavin addressed himself to class, but not before sharing his feelings with me one more time (and then coming in on my lap for some serious cuddles… go figure):

2016-01-14 16.40.19-1

This is what I think of you right now Mom


And just like that, it’s SPARRING DAY.  Gavin is instructed to simulate real fighting, and he is psyched.

2016-01-14 17.14.16


The object is to tap the opponent’s shoulder, and Gavin is undaunted by a much bigger, older, more advanced sparring partner.

2016-01-14 17.14.32


Then he is paired with a scrappy little fellow more his size, but who starts attacking with high flying KICKS (NOT part of the exercise) before settling down into some solid hand to hand slapity-slap, I mean sparring.

2016-01-14 17.18.43


Then Gavin says, “Mom I think you need to video this!”   Somehow I only manage a few seconds, but you get the idea.

2015-01-14 Gavin Sparring [10 seconds]:



I eventually go home with a very satisfied, happy little big Boy.  Go figure.

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2 Responses to Gavin Sparring at Tae Kwon Do

  1. rob says:

    Nice! Tell him to imagine a 10 ton iron ball hanging from a chain that is attached into his pelvis. The cahin reaches to the center of the earth. Knees bent (in Chinese styles it is 90 degrees), feet immovably (except by him) planted on the ground. Have him tell his Sensei he is working on keeping his Hara rooted 🙂

  2. rob says:


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