Here’s Why Homework

Wednesday,  January 13th 2016



Sharing the matter with my mom, turns out she has a “speech” about homework ready to deliver to the boys,  for various reasons.  When she summarizes it for me I’m (almost) wordless.  Once in a while your mom just nails it.  I swooned.

Here is the gist, in Her words:


Doing well in school is something you just must do.

You’re gaining the tools you’ll need as an adult.

As an adult, you can’t get a job, acquire a house, buy a car, get a phone, or even go to the grocery store without these basic skills, and when you’re an adult your parents won’t be doing it for you — you have to do all this yourself.

We’re lucky — all you children are fully capable of doing school work at your grade level.  It’s the adult family members job to make sure you get all the work done and all the learning accomplished.

There’s no avoiding it. You need these tools, no matter what you may think of them now.

Doing homework is part of how you master these tools — doing things over and over until you can do them without thinking, so you are able to move on to the next level of things you need to learn.

Everybody has to do it, so learn to do it quickly and to find some enjoyment in it.


Later she sent this text:2016-01-13 SPEECH HOMEWORK SPEECH

Mom also described to me how ClaraJane had voluntarily joined them in trying to tackle spelling,  even though she’s only 4 and is still learning to write.

“Truth be told,” she adds, “I went over Mile’s “menu” of homework activities and found nothing suitable to be doing when all three kids are here.  It may be that spelling words are the most I can hope for.  Gavin will always be up for that because it’s like cake for him, and Miles can do it because it’s not a “critical thinking” exercise.  They did it without too much drama yesterday.”



Later CJ gravely informed me that “We don’t want to go to Bubble Wow’s anymore because she makes us do homework.”   Of course this is not true, but mom deserves all the credit here.  Isn’t it *why* you become a grandparent in the first place,  so you don’t have to deal with this kind of crap?  In any case I’m extremely grateful, since my work schedule takes me out of two crucial days of overseeing it.  And FWIW I’m determined for my kids to develop more effective tools to handle their academic responsibilities than I did.

Here’s to Possibility!

Keep Calm and Do Your Homework


And to Struggle.





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2 Responses to Here’s Why Homework

  1. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    Yes. Shut your mouth and do your damn homework!

    Sure I’d love to remain the pure-playtime-and-candy grandma but it would be heartbreaking to see them fall behind their potential. And spelling, that’s not really heavy lifting.
    Miles seems to have turned the corner on reading. Yesterday at his initiative we hung out at the bookstore for hours and he read 6 chapters in succession of Magic Tree House with good retention and enjoyment of the content. Then at bedtime turned the tables on his mom and read aloud to HER. Probably doesn’t hurt that lil’ bro Caleb loves Miles to read to him.

    I know from rueful experience that it makes a big difference if the kids know the parents truly care whether they do their homework and do well in school. Care enough to supervise and make sure they do it.

  2. Good to know Mom, and so great to hear! Yep. Now that the can is cracked open, no doubt plenty more on this subject to come!

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