My Bandaids are GONE

Tuesday, January 12th 2016



“I’m SAAAD!” ClaraJane comes in my bedroom this morning as I’m pulling on boots.

“What is it Baby?”

“I put bandaids in my …backpack?” she says to her reflection in the mirror, gulping  breaths.


“And now they’re GO-OOONE!”  she sobs, con waterworks.

“Oh honey!” I say, getting down behind her in the mirror. “Did you see how I organized your backpacks last night?  The box had opened and scattered the bandaids all around  inside your backpack.   Mommy collected them and put them all in your pencil pouch. Maybe you won’t like it, but do you want to go see first?”

Calming down, she gravely nods yes in the mirror.

“…When you’re done watching the tears roll down your face?”

She laughs.  I laugh.  We laugh together.  Then she whacks me.

“You made me LAUGH,” she protests, storming out.

Woe unto the mother who helps her daughter resolve her pity party… TOO SOON.

And that reminds me… I better go get more bandaids.  I don’t want to find out what happens should the bandaids actually be GONE.


PS:  Also reminds me of my favorite Willie Nelson song / favorite song to sing to my darling precious beautiful girl whom I love so much it’s crazy:


#Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain, #Willie Nelson,

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1 Response to My Bandaids are GONE

  1. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    I just got the demo of the pencil case with band aids in it and — lo! — the need for a band aid had arisen at school this morning so I heard all about that too.

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