The Time that Land Forgot

Or something like that.

between XMas & New Years

December 26th – 31st 2015

I’ve no idea what we’ve been doing.  But here are some clues:













Somewhere in there we had brunch with Pops before he headed back to Minnesota:

Bruch with the Family

(Not shown: Pops)


Also my mom, Auntie & sister went to the Nutcracker:

Nutcracker Night

Nutcracker Night


My dear Auntie is still in town, though I have hardly seen her, partly because I have been home with this:

2015-12-30 13.56.26-1

Supervised Nap


ClaraJane has been fighting a most-tenacious cold, with her indomitable spirit and awesome powers of SLEEP:

2015-12-30 13.57.20-1

Darth Snowflake Supervises, Peter Parker Demonstrates


She did rally at one point to make me belated birthday cupcakes in her new silicone baking cups:

H-A-P-P-Y  B-I-R-T-H-D-A.



We even set up a party, but no one came.

Happy No-Man's Land!

Happy Whatever!

(Between doctors appointments and transportation breakdowns my mom and Auntie have been having a rough go.)


In the meantime we’re on PUPPY WATCH, as my sister-in-law’s gorgeous Golden Retriever  -seen here blanketing a matching cat-  does not know she is expecting about TEN PUPPIES!

Lucy & part of Charlie

Lucy & Charlie


So it’s New Year’s Eve Day.  We’re doing legos (& blogging) while Daddy & I try to figure out what to do with the rug rats tonight.

Lego Time

Lego Time


I have about one hour before turning into a pumpkin for my First Night gig.

But I have one thought and one wish for the new year:



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1 Response to The Time that Land Forgot

  1. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    The gift of Down Time. Well spent.

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