Christmas 2015

December 25th 2015


After the Sister Christmas Eve Extravaganza, before going to bed we set out treats for Santa and reindeer.


Darth Snowflake helps himself.

So you wanna be Santa:


Christmas morning we are joined by Bubble Wow and we’re off:


Hello Elsa:


Wonderful books from Grandma Sue:


Bubble Wow reads to ClaraJane & Gavin -in zombie hat- opens his *Leatherman.*


Then Paul feeds us homemade grav lox with toasted bagels,  cream cheese, capers,  hard boiled eggs and onion chopped so fine by the elegance of a true chef.  AND coffee.  Lots of coffee.

THEN we’re off to join the gang of family in Plymouth.   And my stepmom Anita reports this from the incomparable “hills” of what I affectionately call the Secret Unicorn section of Oakland, California:


“Merry Christmas from Skyline.”

I talked to my dad and he was home alone there with some BLT’s.  The older we’re all getting, the more uncomfortable it’s feeling to always have this whole continent between us.   Growing up I guess it was no big deal to bounce back and forth between coasts to bridge the continental divide between the parents.  But doing that with “grownup” responsibilities and a family-of-four proves a bit more prohibitive.

So as I write, it’s the day after Christmas and coincidentally the one on which I was born,  so I get to indulge myself and wax sentimental if I want to.

Later a honking pile of us are headed to an Improv Comedy show.  I bet it’s gonna rock. (o:

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