Nutcracker 2015

Saturday,  December 12th  2015


Somehow amid December gigs  -on a Saturday no less-  we found a window of time to attend The Nutcracker Ballet!  For our family this is unprecedented.  Yet our girl is four now, so the timing seemed perfect.  Not to mention her brother happened to be out of town, so the moment was ripe to escort our girl on a magical date with mom and dad. ♡

Of all the Nutcracker productions in greater Boston, we sought one that was;  a) modestly priced,  b) a peaceful (non gig-like) commute,  c) not involving an undignified mad rush (ya know, like with time to take said four-year old to potty before curtain, stuff like that),   and d) not sold out.  We put on our finest and pointed towards the Jose Mateo Dance Company in Dorchester, Boston.  In the end we enjoyed solely option “d.”

Instead, friends joined us, and the ballet we did manage to see was lovely.



What ClaraJane fell in love instead was having Zaida  -normally Gavin’s playmate- all to herself.  Zaida even comes replete with a baby brother to lord over, disdain and feel superior to.  Bonus.  In ClaraJane’s princess dress and purple stomping boots there was much rejoicing.




Afterwards, the young ladies were escorted by their men to an elegant and sophisticated homespun urgent dine-in pizza gnosh funtime.




By night’s end, amidst mournful tears of bittersweet parting, all’s well that ends well for lucky young lasses.

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