Ohio Thanksgiving 2015: Horses

Friday, November 27th 2015



When you’re an “old” cowboy with a *huge* heart,  you get your grandkids up on a horse.  But first, breakfast.



Then, it’s off to the barn:



Saddle up:


And git!

Gavin tries out “King” in the ring:



ClaraJane gets on “Precious.”



And tests the breaks.



A bit more around the ring, with Alicia riding bareback on Dakota:



All systems are go and we are RELEASED into the wild blue yonder:



Freedom! (;

ClaraJane discovers she *loves* to trot:




As such, at one point the saddle lists slightly to the side, and Clarita bounces right down to the ground.  Here she is an instant before impact (yes that’s the kind of mother I am):


I pick her up and begin to coddle her before coaching on the importance of gettin’ back up there.

“Do you want to go see Grandma Sue?” I ask at first.

“No,” she says plaintively, “I want to get back on.”  And so she does.



Once back at the ranch,  ClaraJane declared she really likes Precious:


“Because she really cooperates!”


ClaraJane isn’t the only one who enjoyed a wild adventurous ride:


Gavin:  “YEEEEHAW!!!
Horse:  “Is that… corn?”




♡                                 ♡                                     ♡
Thank you Grandma Sue and “Old” Grandpa Paul!


We will cherish these memories forever.

♡                                 ♡                                     ♡

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