Ohio Thanksgiving 2015: We’re So There

Wednesday,  November 25th 2015 by Noon

After making excellent time, we arrive in Somerset Ohio by noon.  We open the car doors and the kids fly out into the abounding farm scape.


“Here Mamma I picked this for you.


“Little” Paul and “Old” Paul get to settin’:


Sue shows up with her huge heart:


And, being a consummate Grandma,  agrees unprotestingly to play “pool” with Gavin:


As does Grandpa Paul to try some perplexing building project Gavin found:


After a delirious nap, I later find my kids nextdoor…


Having a miserable time with their cousins:


Claire,  Gavin & Alicia (“Alisha”)

Twister with the Big Girls:


Uncle Darryl helps Gavin sink a Battleship:


Also,  Claire teaches ClaraJane some *magic tricks.*  “You can CLEARLY see my hat is empty…”


Ta da!


CJ also makes Claire magically disappear (from behind a cloth conveniently located by a flight of stairs):


Before we go, a moment for the chronically attention-starved “dog,” Flicka:


“At LAST.  Someone FINALLY understands me!”

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1 Response to Ohio Thanksgiving 2015: We’re So There

  1. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    Pretty much just as I imagined it…

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