HALLOWEEN 2015 – Trick or Treat

October 31st 2015

This is the face Gavin maintained all through the conclusion of our Trick-or-Treating that night.  I’ve never seen him smile like that.  It was so goofy and cute all I could say is, “Careful don’t break your face!”

"I can't stop smiling!"

“I can’t stop smiling!”


After all the hubbub around Fenway, we made it back to our neighborhood to Trick-or-Treat there for the first time in the three years since we moved in.  Fortunately we had our fabulous neighbors who’ve lived there for life to guide us.  (They are moving soon so we will really miss them.)

Loki, 'Nique, Arlette & Chunky Butterfly

Loki, ‘Nique, Arlette & Chunky Butterfly


And these these young Goddesses:

Anylah, Jade, Baby Kaya & Bella


Speaking of Goddesses, it didn’t take long for these three to form a coalition:

Anilah, ClaraJane and Bella

Anylah, ClaraJane and Bella


It’s so cute we Can’t. Even.

(Monster HIgh's) Draculara, (HerSelf Styled) "Warrior" and (The Descendants') Mal

aka: (Monster High‘s) “Draculara,” (HerSelf Styled) “Warrior”                   and (Descendants‘) “Mal”


It didn’t take long to fill their bags…




And poop out…

or Treat

or Treat


Before returning home to our festive humble abode, even as others were just heading out.

Spiderman is leaving the building

Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman is leaving the building


After this epoch day I was ready to EAT.

Spooky Spread

Spooky Spread


Eat BARF & BRAINS that is:

Guac "barf" and warm Queso dip "brains" in a  pumpkin chafing dish!

Guac “Barf” & warm Queso Dip “Brains” in Pumpkin Chafing Dish


Thanks as EVER to DH Paul for putting all the finishing touches of The Magic.  (Not shown: Vat ‘o Chili.)

The kids had mixed reviews on one of my attempts to fool them with health food.  (Young neighbor Zacharais:  “Um no thank you, but you made it look really awesome though!”)

Froyo Banana Ghost Pops

Froyo Banana Ghost Pops


But my fellow mom neighbor Arlette was tickled at discovering the Magic Touch my hubby has not just with food but with BABIES.  In this case, hers:

Paul:  "Wow this hat is comfortable." Kaya: "Wow this Frankenstein is comfortable."

Paul: “This Frankenstein hat is comfortable.”                                                 Kaya: “This *Frankenstein* is comfortable!”


Suffice it to say Halloween was a success.  Let’s dial back in on that FACE shall we?





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1 Response to HALLOWEEN 2015 – Trick or Treat

  1. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    The Face is grand. The Food is grand. Frankenstein is grand in every way and so is Bride of Frankenstein.

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