Clarksburg Camping – Setting the Stage

Saturday, October 10th 2015

Come morning we awake to find that we live HERE now:

Ta da!

Ta da!

Gavin models one of the adjacent camp sites awaiting our friends.


ClaraJane dares herself to climb a stump:

Stump Champ

Stump Champ


Paul gets to work with his NEW HATCHET:

Hatchet and Friends

Hatchet Man & Co. 


Flanked by his trustee helpers, not the least of which is the self-titled “LOG LIFTER!”


I could watch this Vine-length vid clip ad for the rest of my life just for the crack-squeak in her voice alone:


(Grunting voice) MANMEAT-LOG-AXE-HANDLE:

Hatchet Man

Log Lifter & Hatchet Man


That’s some advanced shit right there.  (o:

Later Mama gets in on some of the action.


Hatchet Mama

Hatchet Mama


Meanwhile Paul’s food is underway as promised:

The Promised Pot Roast

The Promised Pot Roast


And having exerted himself sufficiently, he commits the fatal mistake of sitting down and looking comfortable (and if you know kids, you know what that means):




Eventually Paul is relieved of child as Gavin floats off to what he affectionately refers to as “Heaven”:

Lying around...

Lying around…


Reading in the tent:


Also known as L-I-V-I-N’


Even Mama gives it a go (not always instinctive for her):

Ahh... this is the L...

Ahh… this is the L…


Which just means I commit Paul’s same mistake before:




Feeling refreshed, we lay out fires in our friends’ campsites along with token gift bags:

Anticip.... ation

Anticip…. ation


Then go explore our surroundings:

And we're off

And we’re off


This was actually the first time I remember seeing Paul on his longboard in about 5 years, so it was kinda thrilling:


ClaraJane peers down the hallow of this cool stump:




We amble down this little path toward the pond:

2015-10-10 14.40.54

Hmm, what’s down here?


And what do we find?

What's this?



Holy Moly are you kidding me?


reeds bending in the breeze


Welcome to “Mausert’s Pond”:

Dotted with a windmill fringe

replete with a windmill fringe


And wildlife:

Salamander Ho!

Salamander Ho!


It’s so beautiful, you just want to share it with friends.  And this time, we get to!  Here is a campsite map:

39, 40, 41, 42

We are a cluster of 4 sites farthest to the left


Now all they gotta do is GET here.

Your Royal Quarters await!

Your Royal Quarters await…



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1 Response to Clarksburg Camping – Setting the Stage

  1. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    You were almost in Vermont! It does look like paradise for people with a lot of energy.
    Gavin so covets the hatchet that he did 16 pushups at the park to encourage muscle development… “Dad said I could have a hatchet when I get more muscles”
    Based on their weekend reports, the kids assigned themselves the names “Log Lifter,” “Bicycle Boy”, and “Jackknife Guy” for use back here in the city.

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