Cousins Mary & Miles

Friday, October 2nd 2015

Just these two shots alone are so cute I can hardly stand it.

Mmm... Sharpie. What a coup!

Sharpie? Check. Now for the REST of my diabolical plan…


2015-10-02 21.22.54

Cousin Pile


After a visit to their house on Friday afternoon, lo & behold, Paul comes home with our kids PLUS one.  Just like that it’s sleepover time with Miles.  Yay!

By Saturday we waste no time pressing him into the service of Coffee Duty:

2015-10-03 08.42.00-1

Bedside Service (my favorite kind)


Onward to the Great Trio Castle of Bakugan:

Masters of this Domain

Masters of this Domain right here


Peas and Carrots:

2015-10-03 09.53.01-1

“Meatball & Carrot Stick”?


A few heartbeats later it’s time for the pickup side of the playdate, which means adding Aunt Amanda, Baby Mary and… bunnies!  Or as she likes to call them:  CAT!  CAT!  CAT!*

2015-10-03 09.58.18-1

Amanda, Mary and “Cat” and “Cat”


*(Mary’s irst, favorite AND only word so far.)

The visit also means hand-me-downs, such as:

2015-10-03 10.01.27-1

Tobin Tiger To-Be


Including the infamous BOOB HAT –lovingly made by the prolific Bubble Wow– crafted especially for nursing in PUBLIC:

2015-10-03 10.04.34

My head is not a boob!


Speaking of heads, a swooping visit to the top of Uncle Paul’s (rather uncharted territory, at his height):

2015-10-03 10.21.18-1

Does this stuff come off?  (Nope, tug away.)  Weeeee!


And before we part, just to make Aunt Jane Ann’s heart skip a couple beats with worry down in Dallas, some requisite naked roller skating:

2015-10-03 10.25.04-1

Is there any other kind?

(Sorry Jane Ann, I would photograph CJ in clothes more often if she would *wear* them!)

Finally, here is Mary practicing “gentle touches” with CAT CAT, because when you love something THAT MUCH:

Baby Mary & CAT CAT [28 seconds]:


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3 Responses to Cousins Mary & Miles

  1. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    Mary doesn’t know “gentle” yet. She grabs my face and hair the same way as cats and rabbits!
    Glad she got to “the mountaintop” of Uncle Paul’s head, what an adventure!
    They are the Gang of Four and Mary’s already a full-fledged member.
    Yeah, maybe “Meatball and Carrot Stick” or “Steak and a Fry.”
    Great post! What subjects!! What movie stars! Complete with Nudity and Violence!

  2. abreed79 says:

    Love this! Does it work for me to reply like this?

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. Jane Ann Nelson says:

    Well, Aunt Jane Ann thinks there is nothing cuter than nude skating; however, just for our eyes only. 😄

    Sent from my iPhone


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