Cambridge Italian Festival 2013

September 13th 2015

CJ, Daddy & Sully

CJ, Daddy & Sully

Every year this little street in our neighborhood transforms into this wonderful little carnival. This year I didn’t get to go, but Daddy took the kids. LOVE!

2015-09-13 ITALIAN FESTIVAL with DADDY [2mins,24secs]:


It’s called the Annual Feast of Cosmas and Damian, and here’s an article and vid my friend and neighbor made about it last year:  The 88th Annual Feast of Cosmas and Damian.

ClaraJane the Dragon Flier

ClaraJane the Dragon Flier


I just blocked off my schedule for the evening of Sunday after Labor Day NEXT YEAR to be able to go.








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2 Responses to Cambridge Italian Festival 2013

  1. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    So much excitement! And right on your street! Another advantage of living in the city not the country.

  2. True! I’m envisioning us all going next year, partly in celebration of Miles’ & Zaida’s birthdays then too…

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