Monday, August 3rd 2015, TMI continued

In the wake of getting them GONE, I indulged in the extraordinary pleasure of a grownup social visit with a friend, SANS kids. Well sort of, since it was to visit my treasure of a friend Rachel and her new baby girl. I don’t know what was more lovely; seeing my friend, meeting the new baby-person (“Chloe Belle”), seeing their new HOME and beautiful cats, having NO GIGS today, enjoying a grownup social pleasure or just the peaceful feeling of knowing my kids were all sorted out at camp.

Chloe Belle

Chloe Belle


After two hours of copacetic social bliss, I venture back out into the world to find it all exploded.  Instead of 3:30pm, my young daughter’s group apparently got out at 1:30pm, creating a whirlwind of chaos and calls, of which I have missed 13. Daddy, unable to reach me, had to skip work and bike across town to retrieve our daughter, and later panic as to whether I might be there in time for our son. (I was, ‘mostly.)

Fortunately the camp staff forgave our screwing the pooch, Daddy forgave my inadvertent unavailability, and the girl satisfied herself coloring improvised printouts of Cinderella coloring pages. Naught to do but laugh at our apparent incompetence and move imperfectly forward as ever.


Christina's Home Made Ice Cream

Christina’s Home Made Ice Cream



Tae Kwon Do

Tae Kwon Do



"My Mom and Me and My Brother"

“My Brother and Me and My Mom”




Dinner al Fresco con Fluff n' Nutter

Dinner al Fresco con Fluff n’ Nutter



Aero Acro Boy

Aero Acro Boy


Another day with countless blessings.


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1 Response to NO THEY’RE NOT

  1. Baba/Bubble Wow says:

    What a lovely picture ClaraJane drew! What a big head you have!!
    Love the big smile on Acro boy’s face.
    Moving imperfectly forward. The only choice.
    So happy for Rachel.

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